September 2021

Exited the direct recovery space to focus on building the forwarding model, which includes recovery, skip-tracing, remarketing, transport, keys and titles.

August 2021

LPR division, insightLPR, acquired Riverland Technologies out of Jackson, Mississippi.

June 2021

Moved corporate headquarters to Indianapolis, Indiana.

June 2020

Provide clients with the benefits of a forwarder with the advantages of an agent direct model Launch insightLPR Implementing enhanced technologies – system of record and driver routing

December 2019

Assimilation of acquired companies Consolidation of like-functions and centralization of key processes

October 2019

American Recovery Specialist, MI Double Eagle Services Certified Auto Recovery

Q4 2018 Acquisitions

American Recovery Specialists of FL Auto Approve auto refinancing CARS Recovery Inc Digital Dog Auto Recovery MOXKOR (ROA) and its Allied Solutions client base Premier Adjusters Inc Repo Inc RepoRoute mapping software TCAR Top recovery agents in the nation

Q2 2018 National Direct Model

The vision began from a lender’s perspective as it relates to the auto finance industry Shared with our partners at 2018 North American Repossessors Summit (NARS)

Q3 2017 Delaware Street Capital

DSC enters the market via acquisition of PRA Location Services and Find John Doe Primary interest in License Plate Recognition (LPR) market