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Responsive, Results-Based Recoveries.

Why Choose Us for Your Loss Mitigation Services?
We Care. We Get Results. We’re Compliant.

We’re here to help you save time and money when recovering and remarketing your assets. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you for all of your loss mitigation needs. Our results and focus on quality customer service have led Location Services to become the nation’s largest direct recovery company, securing and remarketing a wide range of collateral from coast-to-coast. 

How We’re Different
Exceptional Service Is Our Standard

Our lending partners have the benefit of one due diligence process for onboarding direct coverage in 27 states and forwarding options in 23 incremental states – one source for all 50 states!  One vendor, one management, one account representative, one reporting process, one source, and a wide array of solutions!

We are committed to providing excellent service with the highest level of professionalism throughout the asset recovery process – from discovery to recovery and beyond. Our LSTransport® mobile app is the only one of its kind in our industry, providing easy, up-to-the-minute updates on your accounts. Our team of highly trained recovery agents and in-depth skip tracing department ensures that we will do everything possible to find and recover any and all collateral safely.

  • Footprint
  • National Coverage
  • SOC 2 Compliant
  • DOT Compliant
  • insightLPR
  • RepoRoute
  • Dash Cams
  • GPS Tracking
  • LSTransport Mobile App
  • Financial Strength of DSC
  • Dedicated Employees
  • Fleet of Company Owned Trucks
  • Standardized Training
  • History of Legacy Companies
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Location Services Key Differentiators

  • Nation’s largest repossession companies acquired:
    • Decades of experience
    • Regional proficiency
    • Strong industry reputations
    • Legacy company owners are now equity owners and senior leaders
  • Location Services executive leadership has significant experience in auto finance, from the lender’s perspective
  • Proprietary RepoRoute software:
    • Ensures efficient routes
    • Provides access to GPS location of trucks at all times
  • Automated assignment intake:
    • API integration with RDN and MBSi
    • Reduced time before assigned to the field
  • LPR technology utilized in recovery process
  • SOC 2 certification ensures data and information security requirements are met
  • Dash cameras and GPS tracking on all trucks provides increased protection against consumer claims
  • Body cameras on repossession agents limits frivolous lawsuits
  • Superior, per occurrence, insurance coverage

Client & Vendor Benefits


  • Exclusively available to Location Services clients that allows clients to our recovery view trucks in real time.

Client Benefits

  • One-stop solution providing complete loss mitigation services nationwide
  • Consistent procedures and training
  • Easy assignment process
  • Manage the entire loss mitigation process with one account representative through a direct relationship

Vendor Benefits

  • Training, safety and security are a priority
  • Body cameras
RA# RA License #
Fairfield RA# 1840
Fremont RA# 1841
Concord RA# 1842
Rancho Cordova RA# 1843
San Lorenzo (Oakland) RA# 1844
Fresno RA# 1845
Bakersfield RA# 1846
Modesto RA# 1847
Chico RA# 1848
Arcadia RA# 1849
Colton RA# 1850
Chula Vista RA# 1851
Salinas RA# 1852
Indio RA# 1853
Panorama City RA# 1854
Santa Fe Springs RA# 1855
Folsom RA# 1856
Pasadena RA# 1857
Moreno Valley RA# 1858
Poway RA# 1859